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Resources to import to your website

Here you can find the list with all the references (SKUs) of the catalog to import the products to your website. Technical knowledge is required to carry out this import. If you need this file with the rates, you need to be a JHK customer and have access codes to the online store. In the Apps menu, you will find the CSV Price List file.

Image gallery for your web

Images of the catalog in High Resolution and Logos of JHK T-Shirt

Here you will find all the images of the updated catalog and the JHK T-Shirt logos in High Resolution.

Images from the web catalog

To add the catalog images to your website, follow this structure:



Image of each product with its color

To add the images of each garment with its corresponding color on your website, follow this structure:



Technical sheets of the web

If you need to add the technical files on your website, copy this structure to generate them automatically:



Digital Pantone

In this document you will find the equivalences of the colors that we use in our garments.